Bow & Stern poles & parts






Pre-war small runabouts bow pole $93 Pre-war pole have one 38 $425 Pre-War pole 30 $399

Pre-war bow pole


Bow poles:

22 Oak $20

18 Mahogany base $35

18 Sitka Spruce $39

18 Mahogany 7/8 base $39

12 Oak $15


Chris-Craft CAPRI/Custom 25 Sportsman stern pole $OLD



Chris-Craft post war runabouts $93

Post-War raked bow pole


Chris-Craft, Century and most post-war small runabout stern poles 28 & 32 in Mahogany $299. 28 In Spruce also. Currently experiencing issues getting parts for these lights so they are made to order.

32in Stern pole 002




Chris-Craft Cavalier runabout stern pole needs wired $300 Stern pole bottom contact $15ea. Vintage Perko globe $49

Cavalier stern pole



Chris-Craft Jetson bow pole 11/16 (only fits Jetson bowlight as shown) $129/$185 with flag

jetson bow pole


Chris-Craft bow flags in Cotton or nylon $55 GLASS Post-War stern pole globes $39 GLASS Jetson style globe $20


Marine Light sockets (2 contact base)$15

ABC light socket


Large Gar Wood bow flags $49 Small Gar Wood bow flag $45


Cotton US Yacht Ensigns. Sewn stripes and embroidered stars. 16X24 $49 24X36 $55





Flag and pole info from the early 1950s