Mostly Chromed brass bow lights for

Chris-Craft and other old

Wood boats. Need more details?





Large selection of old wood boat bow lights

Bow light assortment






Century C-501 Bow light $300

C501 Bow lightJetson bow light.jpg


Gar Wood original pre-war bowlights $395-450



Chris-Craft Capri, Continental, Cobra bow light $450 20 Custom, 22 Sedan, 25 Sportsman Bow light $old

220 lights.jpg20 custom light.jpg


Jetson style bowlight $325

Bow Lights 020Bow lights 017.JPG


221 bow light W/glass lenses $375 1960s Century bow light $225






220 bowlight raked pole $395-UP

Bow lights 023.JPGBow lights 022.JPG


Chris-Craft 901 bow light with straight up pole hole $450


Chris-Craft 5505 bow light with raked hole. $450





Nice pair of side lights $400 1950s Century Coronado $400

sidelights.jpg coronado.jpg


Large Chris-Craft drum light $550



Chris-Craft small drum light $450


Bow Light with opening front $350













Bow light C545 Century SeaMaid $450




Small round bow light $75



Hacker/Lyman bow light $395


C570 Bow Light $350