Chris-Craft deck hardware




Chris-Craft open chock $79 Capri/Custom stern pole holder $695

Open chock



Chris-Craft below Deck stern pole socket $149 17 Deluxe stern pole socket $349


Chris-Craft Stern socket $349 Chris-Craft Continental/Holiday trim $99/4

Continental trim 010.JPG



Chris-Craft 5 Closed chock $85

Closed chock.JPG


Chris-Craft Plain Fuel Cap $135 Chris-Craft script FUEL cap $135


Plain fuel capFUEL cap



Chromed brass cleats. $299/set of 4 Post War Chris-Craft 8 cleat $85

Post war 8in cleat.JPG


Modern 8 rope cleat $49

8in cleat2.jpg



5/8 Chris-Craft lift ring $89 Chris-Craft lift ring Trim rings $30ea

Chris-Craft lift ringlift ring trim



Chris-Craft post-war lift ring $old

Deck hardware 006.JPG



Pre-War hatch handle $59 Pre-War cleats $89ea.

CC hatch handle.JPG



Chris-Craft 298 Shift lever $299 Short one $249 22 Sportsman front hatch handle $59

parts 014CC hatch handle.JPG


2 fender cleat $29 Chris-Craft pre war KB carb scoop $499

KB scoop 1.JPG


Chris-Craft Riv/Capri hatch handle $149 Chris-Craft Deluxe/Racer hatch handle $129


Early polished rope chocks $99` Have chromed also $125



Ski tow top half $OLD Bottom not available. More soon.