NEW AND REBUILT PARTS   Following is a listing of parts for sale mostly for Chris-Craft flat sixes. It is by no means a complete listing as this would takes several years to type out all the available parts. If you dont see what you are looking for, Please e-mail me with your needs and I will reply as quickly as I can with the availability.  

Fuel Caps both FUEL and PLAIN $135 FUEL

NOS Clum keys $35-UP

Motor mounts B, K or M $59-69ea These also fit most Chrysler sixes and early HEMIsmotormounts

Chris-Craft motor mount 16.93-05808 $45ea. 16.93-07768 $29


NOS Delco-Remy 1841818 Distributor caps for Kermath, Sterling, Scripps, and some Pierce-Arrow cars.

Heavy duty starter buttons with Beehive trim ring $50 image002

ON/OFF ignition switch made to look like old CLUM style $75 Clum style ignition.JPG

Marine on-Off switch $16

Chris-Craft hourglass switch $21ea.

Engine ID tags for Chris-Craft Pompano and Algonac $50 Engine tag 6Cyl pre57

Hull tags for post war Algonac or Pompano $50 Hull tagPompano hull tag

Tachometer cables $12.50ft.

Small round lenses for 60s bow and stern lights $20 

Oil caps for M and 283s $10

Horn buttons that fit in the throttle. $30 horn button

Rebuilding your Chris-Craft K or M series flathead inboard??

IN STOCK NOW!! Pistons for Chris Craft ML, MBL, and MCL in .030 oversize. $499/ set with rings

I stock Pistons, Rings, valves, bearings, guides, springs, gaskets, motor mounts, elbows, blocks, and TONS of used parts!!

Main, Rod, and cam bearings for Chris-Craft K and M series flathead inboards.

I have main bearings for the Hercules JXD, JXLD QXD, and QXLD based Chris Craft K, KL, KLC, KBL, KFL, M, ML, MB, MBL, and MCL series flathead inboard engines email with sizes needed $199-up set.

Most sizes in rod bearings too.

NEW pistons for Hercules QXLD based Chris-Craft KL, KLC, KBL, and KFL .030 and .060 $399 set with rings

STD Zollner #189 for Hercules JXD (M) with rings Set of 6 $399

Zollner 167 pistons in .020 and .040 for Hercules JXD (M) with rings Set of 6 $499

Complete Chris-Craft gasket sets for K, KL, KLC, KFL, KBL, KB, M, MB, ML, MBL, And MCL with steel or copper head gaskets

Email with your Hercules JXD, JXLD, QXD and QXLD needs.

rotating exhaust valves for K&M series Chris-Craft $20ea

Generator pulley for K & M series $75 Generator pulleys

Chris-Craft K & M series 12 volt generators $499 W/good exchange12V Generator

Graymarine GFA4802 Generator converted to 12 volts $425 ex


Chris-Craft K&M series Opposite rotation 12V Generator $475ex

Auto-lite MCL 6004 starter for Chris-Craft K and M series $299 Ex.

Chris-Craft flathead 6 K and M series fuel pumps $195-249 exchange

Water outlet for KL series engines $69


NEW Choke cables with the C in the knob. 20 long stainless. $129

NOS Autolite IBB-4201 283 distributor $299


Remanufactured Auto-Lite IAY4009 Distributor $399 Exchange


K engine water pipes $199ea