Odds and Ends




        Fuel caps for 1.5” pipe $75ea.                                                             Delco Ignition switch no key $250

sm fuel caps.jpg


Cat’s eye cigar lighter with socket $250     Half Mile ray from triple cockpit. $275

Cats eye lighter.jpgHalf Mile ray.JPG


Delco-Remy 975Y Generator core $200                    Kermath OHV valve cover $400

Delco-Remy 975Y.jpgKermath valve cover.JPG


3 ½”OD .063” wall copper exhaust pipe for utilities $895 Runabouts $695



Huckins Fairform Flyer step pads. Large $175 Sm. $75

Florida 2016 036.JPGFlorida 2016 018.JPG

Oil filter canisters with new filter inside LO$T

Florida 2016 045.JPG


Vintage porcelain Head $100