Engine, hull, and cockpit tags






Chris-Craft Algonac engine tag $50

Red algonac engine tag


Pompano hull tag $50

Pompano hull tag


Algonac Hull tag $50

Algonac hull tag


Early Chris Smith & Sons hull tag $50

Pre-war hull tag.JPG


Pompano engine tags $50

Pompano engine tags

More pompano engine tags


Thermocon-Develvo tag for engines with thermostats $50

thermocon develvo cropped.jpg


1930s dash tag $99

Dash tag


Chris-Craft hanging switch tags $20ea

Switch tagsswitch tags.jpg

More switch tags


Chris-Craft propeller dash plate $99

propeller dash tag


Super Sport Round badge $99

SS Badge.jpg



Chris-Craft Cavalier hull script $60

Cavalier logo 2



Hullside letters $199/name

continental 002.JPG


Chris-Craft CAPRI transom letters $129

CAPRI letters 003.JPG


Gar Wood Cockpit tags $40ea

CAPRI letters 014.JPG


“Classic” name plate with anchor $39