Inboard marine engine Intake and exhaust manifolds



Used Chris-Craft Model K exhaust Manifold ribbed (shown) style $599

K manifold 2

Chris-Craft A-120 V-8 Exhaust manifold (repaired) $750.  Original $1000

A-120 manifold

Chrysler Royal exhaust manifold $1200           

Chrysler Royal 8 exhaust

NOS 427 ford Chris-Craft exhaust manifold $595


NOS Chrysler Ace manifold $500

Chrysler Ace manifold 1 Chrysler ace manifold 2


Big Hisso (Hispano-Suiza)  Dry exhaust manifolds $1250

Small Hisso (Hispano-Suiza) Water cooled exhaust manifolds $1500


Chris-Craft Chevrolet 283 aluminum intake manifolds $400



KBL intakes with Rochester carbs $500            

KBL Intake

WB intake with carbs $495